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To fulfill the goals and mission of AHSA, AHSA needs not only the enthusiastic participation of many selfless people, but also generous financial supports.
AHSA will amass the many bits - small or large - of love to fulfill its goals and mission.

"You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give."
Sir Winston Churchill, Circa 1940

A* Scholarships

AHSA is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization registered in the state of California and the US federal government, and is headquartered in the City of Milpitas. It has the mandate:
to foster cross-cultural understanding by promoting authentic American activities and dances in Asian countries,
to promote creativity among Asian diasporas and in Asia, through these activities,
to unleash young generation�s dance and artistic talents, and
to help the less fortunate towards worthy achievements and responsible citizenship.

Through its philosophy of "Act locally, think globally", AHSA has, since its inception on June 1, 2010, in the brief four-year period, organized more than 25 large scale events, including fundraising, to help people in Ethiopia in Africa, Haiti and Chile in South America, and the Philippines and China in Asia, and of course within the USA.

One important difference of AHSA is that, unlike most organizations, which still instruct and teach Asian artistic activities in the US, AHSA brings authentic American activities to Asia. Asia and the Pacific Rim nations are at a juncture where assimilations and diversifications will promote creativity.

AHSA has in the past years been training over fifty teen-agers to teach authentic American dances in Pacific Rim countries.

Successes asides, challenges lie ahead.
There are many an instance in which the talents of youngsters cannot be fully unleashed because of financial constraints.

Individuals and organizations alike have come forward to contribute.

Peter Kalifa, Uganda National Contemporary Ballet;
Jonathan Mayambala, Uganda National Contemporary Ballet;

To contribute towards A* scholarships, please contact AHSA's Scholarship Coordinator:
Dr. Hal A. L.
510 252 9988

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