Photos of "Honor and Celebration Party", April 10, 2011.
Photos of "Celebration and Formation Party of OCASF", April 3, 2011.
Photos of "IHSC 2011 Dance Competition", March 31 - April 3, 2011.
Photos of Visit to Friends of Children with Special Needs, March 23, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party, February 26, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Press Conference, February 24, 2011.


Photos and Videos
Honor and Celebration Party
April 10th, 2011
Bravo Dance Studio - San Jose

The Bravo delegate at the Dance Dimension Show
Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821

Anticipating a huge turn out, the preparation starts early, during Tea Party, 5:00pm.

The cake arrives, beautifully decorated for the occasion. 5:30pm.

Dinner starts punctually at 6:30pm. Fred F. (房國剛老師), being one of the firsts to arrive, gets to the food soonest - early bird catches the first worm!

The food.

More food.

Enough food for ~100 people.

Beverage and snack section.

One happy couple, Judy T. and Art B., in no hurry to get to the food (they are performing a Chinese Tango later) and taking a rest while others are queuing up for foods.

Explaining the agenda to some of the attendees.

Two very gentle individuals, Stewart and Danielle Siu, from Chabot College, Hayward, California.

Dinner time before honor dances.

Though restricted to 80 people, about 100 people show up.


Ditto... And a few people stay behind from the Tea Party in the afternoon.

The program begins. Here Hal is telling the guests the recent participation of Bravo Dance Studio at the International Hustle and Salsa Competition (IHSC2011), and the results.

The delegate to IHSC2011, and the guests listen on while Carmelita is explaining away some of misconceptions about competitions.

First honor dance, Noemi C. and Hal doing the East Coast Swing.

Noemi won a first place in the Pro-am American Rhythm ballroom dance at IHSC2011. This is one of the three first places Noemi won. The other two being Foxtrot and Merengue.

-- From the IHSC2011 Archive --

James receiving one of the prizes in the pro-am competitions at the IHSC2011.

A video of Noemi C. receiving one of her first places at the IHSC2011.

A video of Jane H. receiving one of her first places at the IHSC2011.

A video of Carmelita C. and Hal L. receiving their Pro-Rising Star Championships champions medals at the IHSC2011.

Bravo Dance Studio contestants at the IHSC2011: Carmelita, James, Jane, Molly, Noemi, and Hal, and their medals and plaques.

-- End of Photos and Videos from the IHSC2011 Archive --
The International Hustle and Salsa Competition

The 12th International Hustle and Salsa Competition (IHSC2011) was held at

The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821
March 31 through April 3, 2011.
This 4-day event started with ballroom competitions (both American and International styles) on the first day. Like any major ballroom competitions, there were competitions for each of the dance, within which are different age groups (pre-teen [upto 12], JR [13-17], Young Adult [17-21], Adult 1 [21-36], Adult 2 [37-50], Senior 1 [51-65], Senior 2 [65+] ) and skill levels (newcomer, bronze, silver, gold). Thus there were many first places, second places and third places for contestants.
All of the ballroom competitions are the so-called pro-ams, meaning a student dancer competing with his/her instructor (a professional) as the partner. This is a great way to get student dancers broken into competitive ballroom dancing or "to perform under pressure".
The second day were intensive competitions for the Hustle and Salsa dances, and thus only first, second and third places for different skill levels (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) of these dances. The competitions thus are much more keen.
There were three big championships competitions: World Hustle Championships, Pro-Rising Star Hustle Championships, and Amateur World Hustle Championships.
Because of the intensity, it is not unusual that contestants drop out of competitions for different reasons: some got injured while preparing for the competitions; some would not want anything other than first place or championships; some not to overstrain and concentrate on major competitions...
Each day was packed with activities: Headliner Shows on the first evening and later social dancing; Copa Night on the second evening and later social dancing; Dimension Show on the third night and later social dancing.
This year, IHSC moved to Orlando World Center Marriott Resort for the first time so that "there is more room for future expansion" (per the organizers). The attendance of IHSC2011 was a little lower than IHSC2010. This was probably due to a change of venue (from Miami to Orlando), the higher hotel rate, and the higher airfare.
IHSC is one of the largest events of its kind (in Hustle (and Salsa)), and with its Headliner, Copa and Dimension shows, certainly the largest. It also has concurrent workshops instructed by some of the best in the world so that a significant fraction of the participants are there just for the workshops, shows, or social dancing and NOT to compete.

Second honor dance, Jane H. and Hal doing the Bolero.
Jane won a first place in the Bolero in the American ballroom dance at IHSC2011. She won other first places as well.

Dr. HW C. and Kay T. doing a line dance to "Don't Kill the DJ".

Art B. and Judy T., Jenny C. and Nancy W., James C. and Jane H. are doing the Chinese Tango, dancing to "相思河畔 (Xiang Si He Pan)".

A sweetheart cuddle in the performance.

The three couples doing the Chinese Tango.

Jenny C., almost 80, dances as a leader with Nancy.

An impromptu dance between Kevin H., and Linda H., doing the Cha cha.

Another impromptu dance, now between Chung H. and Linda H, doing a NC 2-step.

This impromptu dance is between Lu C. and Fred F., doing the Rumba.

Now Linda challenges Fred for a Rumba.

A line dance dancing to "Manhunt" performed by Jane H., Ray J., HW C., James C., and Kay T.

During social dancing. These two individuals, Jenny C., and Amy T. have been dancing for a long, long time.

Fred and Monica C., Ray J. and Dongli, Cordell G. and Jane L., and others.

Cordell G., and Jane L.

Sara C.

The dancefloor is big enough for everyone; some doing ballroom, some freestyle, and some line dance.

And for all age groups.

Judy has changed out of her Chinese Tango performance costume, while Art has not, during social dancing.

Participants have agreed to the policies of Bravo Dance Studio, including Participants agreeing to allow use of any image, which may be captured through video, photo, digital cameras or other media devices, for Dance Studios own use such as promotional materials and publications.

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