Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Press Conference, February 24, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party, February 26, 2011.
Photos of Visit to Friends of Children with Special Needs, March 23, 2011.


"Soar To New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party
February 26, 2011, Saturday
7:00pm - 12:00am

Milpitas Community Center
457 E. Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, California 95035

Agenda of "Soar to New Heights"

A snap shot taken from a cafe. The Milpitas Community Center (457 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, California 95035) is in the background.
(Feb 15, 2011).

The reception (5:15pm) on the day of the "Soar to New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party (8:00pm - 12:00am), at the entrance to the main auditorium of the Milpitas Community Center.

Seating for 250+ guests and VIPs (5:20pm).

Now the VIP seats are ready, thanks to the selfless efforts of many volunteers who spent hours sewing the table cloths and arranging flowers.

Frank and Moira Gong, with Dr. Chen. Frank and Moera are volunteers in charge of food.

And the foods, varieties and beautifully arranged.
See the table cloths, sewn and prepared by volunteers (Gina L., Ellen and friends).

Now the auditorium is getting more and more crowded. Performers (The Pretty Sunset Dance Group) are rehearsing in the dance area.


Social dancing and networking before the Gala Show (7:00pm - 8:00pm).

The reception area outside the auditorium is now getting very busy as guests arrive in throngs.

Hal and Jimmy Shao (邵孔川老師), a famous Bay Area singer and singing instructor.

Marykay booth in the auditorium.

The social and networking dance party (7:00pm - 8:00pm) is unfortunately too short for many.

Hal and Earl (Wayne) Melton (65). Wayne and his partner Helen V. (15 and two generations apart) are Salsa champion couple.

Opening the Gala Show, Opening Speech by
Dr. Hwa A. Lim, a co-founder of Asian Hustle and Salsa Association (AHSA).

Speech by Dr. Hwa A. Lim.

A speech by Councilmember of the City of San Jose, Kansen Chu.

A packed auditorium, waiting eagerly for the commencement of the Gala Show.


Now the Gala Show begins. Children with Special Needs are getting ready to open the Gala Show.

One of the shows: "The Beautiful Prairie, My Homeland", a Mongolian Dance by the Pretty Sunset Dance Group. ("蒙古舞 - 美麗的草原我的家" 演出團隊:The Pretty Sunset Dance Group).
The average age of this group of dancers is 67 years old; the oldest being 84 years old! A living proof that dancing is good for health.

"Paso Doble/Rasputin" Line Dance, Peninsula Graces Dance Group. See all the pretty "Matadors"?

The Bravo Line Dance Group dancing to "Manhunt". Not easy to tell from the photo, but they sure are one of the best in town.

Two of the Bravo Chinese Tango formation team team members: Fred Fang and Anchi Ou.

Another couple of the Bravo Chinese Tango formation team: Art Bando and Judy Tom. Art, Chinese Tango?! He and partner did a superb job.

A speech by the Mayor of the City of Milpitas, Mayor Jose Esteves.

Mayor Jose Esteves honoring the Asian Hustle and Salsa Association (AHSA) with a Certificate of Commendation, to AHSA board member Dr, HW Chen.

The Certificate of Commendation from the Mayor of the City of Milpitas, Mayor Jose Esteves.


A speech by Councilmember of the City of Cupertino, Barry Chang.

Salsa formation team performance by Salsamaniac.


Over-capacity spectator crowd looking on.


Performance by 2010 US Salsa-on-1 Champions, Isidro Corona and Ariel Lehaitre.

The main feature show by world champions and highly-sought after performers, Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow.

From champions to CHAMPIONS
Carmelita Chao, Billy Fajardo, Katie Marlow, John Navarez & Liz Rojas, Isidro Corona, Ariel Lehaitre, and Hal Lim.
(Rodney Graham & Mayuko Ueda of Salsamaniac not in the photo).
Toast to Billy's birthday
Billy F. and Katie M., World Champions and well sought-after performers;
John & Liz, Salsamaniac, World Salsa formation team champions;
Isidro C. and Ariel L., US Salsa-on-1 Open Champions;
Car and Hal, World Amateur Hustle champions.
(Photo credit: Larry S.) .

Wei Tang of the Pretty Sunset Dance Group.

A very popular part of the event: Dancing with world champions and teachers.

World champion Billy F. dancing away with "spectators".

Isidro Corona, US Salsa-on-1 Open champion joins in.

Katie M., world champion, is dancing with Bret Lee, Executive Director, Taiwan Trade Center (San Francisco).

This is a rare view and rare treat for all those who attended: all the world champions are on the dance floor dancing with anyone - good or bad. Hopefully this would help aspire two-left-feeters to start learning to dance; novice dancers to take dancing more seriously; and more competent dancers to have a feel of dancing with champions.

And the champions keep going; the queue to dance with them keeps growing!

Bret Lee and Katie M.

Cindy L. dancing with Billy F.

... and Jane L.

... and Sandy C. with John of Salsamaniac.

...Lorraine with Isidro C.

Lily H. with Wayne... And Earl (Wayne) Melton, a champion, though not a performer at "Soar to New Heights" (His partner is away for her Quinceanera [15th Birthday] in Mexico).

Amy T. with Isidro C. All the champions have been dancing hard, and it shows.

... and the very very popular John of Salsamaniac.

This is priceless.

After "Dancing with Champions", now the dance party begins.

Jimmy Shao singing Besama Mucho (a Rumba).

Chinese calligraphy master teacher Zhang Mei-Chu (張梅駒) greeting the audience.

And a song from Councilmember Barry Chang as well.

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