Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Press Conference, February 24, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party, February 26, 2011.
Photos of Visit to Friends of Children with Special Needs, March 23, 2011.


"Soar To New Heights" Press Conference
February 24, 2011, Thursday
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Bravo Dance Studio - Fremont
43725 Boscell Road, Fremont, California 94538

The new Bravo Dance Studio in Fremont (43725 Boscell Road, Fremont, California 94538), coming in May 2011, conveniently situated among other great amenities: spas, cafes, restaurants, bookstore, and a movie theatre (coming in the future).

A group photo before the media arrived for the press conference. (l to r) Dr. HW Chen (founding board member of AHSA), Billy Fajardo (world dance champion and performer), Kay Tsai (founding board member of AHSA), Katie Marlow (world dance champion and performer), James Curran (advisor, AHSA), Carmelita Chao (founding board member, AHSA), Nancy Wang (a supporter and volunteer).

Yummy! Snacks for the press conference.

World Journal and Chinese News resporters getting ready for interviews and video shooting. Anna Wang, VP of Friends of Children with Special Needs standing in the background.

Carmelita introducing Angelina W. of TV Channel 26 of KTSF to Billy F.

TV Channel 26 interviewing Anna W. of Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN).

While World Journal (Daniel Z.) and Chinese News (Jeff L.) are interviewing 35th generation Henan shaolin monk and shaolin martial expert Yang Bing.

Angelina W. of TV Channel 26 interviewing Dr. Chen, board and CFO of AHSA.

Billy F. and Katie M. dancing for the TV camera. Though not properly attired for dancing, they are smoking the dance floor.

Now a photo for remembrance: Billy F., Angelina W. (Channel 26 of KTSF), and Katie M.

Angelina W. of KTSF TV Channel 26 interviewing Carmelita, founding board member of AHSA.

Listening intently as Carmelita speaks: Kay T., Dr. Chen, Angelina (TV Channel 26), and Carmelita.

The converation is getting more lively: Sandy Lee and James C. join in.

Cameraman from TV Channel 26 of KTSF, with Billy F. and Katie M.

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