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AHSA: Missions, Goals and Mandate

The mandate of AHSA is to foster cross-cultural understanding, cultivate healthful habits and promote healthy lifestyle through social activities and networking.

The mission is to introduce to the Asian communities and other communities, who may otherwise experience cultural hindrance or language barrier, for full integration into the larger society.

It is the intention and wishes of this body of volunteers to promote better understanding among all people, to perform charity work, to promote healthy lifestyle, to unleash young generation's dance talents, to help the less fortunate in our society towards worthy achievements and responsible citizenship, and to help those who have erred or misstepped to find their better true self.

AHSA World is currently collaborating with several organizations towards the goals.

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Bravo Fremont - Managing Office
40467-40471 Encyclopedia Circle
Fremont, California 94538, USA
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Bravo Sunnyvale - Multi-functional Facility
1133-1135 Sonora Court
Sunnyvale, California 94086, USA
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Tel: (510) 252 9988
AHSA Office
2450 Kruse Drive, San Jose, California 95131, USA
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Images Circle, Milpitas, California 95035, USA

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