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C.Y. Lee is an Honorary Advisor of AHSA.
C.Y. is one of the Broadway fames. "The Flower Drum Song: A novel of San Francisco's Grant Avenue", published in 1957, was his first novel and was the basis for the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical and the subsequent film.
Besides "The Flower Drum Song", C.Y. has published a number of other novels, and his short stories and articles have appeared in The New Yorker, Theater Arts, Writer's Digest, and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, among others. He has worked as a scriptwriter for 20th Century Fox.
C.Y. is an excellent dancer. In his late eighties and nineties, he is still frequenting dance studios in the Los Angeles area.
Honors and Awards:
- California Commonwealth Club Gold Achievement, 1965.
- Box Office Blue Ribbon Award, 1970.
- Key to the city of San Francisco, 1972.
- C.Y. Lee Archive, Boston University’s Mugar Memorial Library, 1985.
- Fan Tan King, a new musical production, adapted from Lee’s novel "Days of the Tong Wars", premiered August 2006 in New York City Fringe Festival.

Legal Counsel

Johnny C. is an attorney.

Emily Bryant is an AHSA advisor.
She is currently also a nurse practitioner in mental health

Juliana Capatosto is an AHSA advisor.
She graduated from Yale Medical and is currently practicing in New York.

Mao Li is an AHSA advisor.
She is a former CCTV producer and current partner of Zhong Fu Investment.

Michael Zhao is an AHSA advisor.
He is Changchun First Class Director, and a member of Elite 100.


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