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New Year Greetings, Feb 5, 2019
Golden Gate Life Science 2019, March 30, 3019
AHSA World Dance Day 2019, April 28, 2019


Carmelita and Dr. Lim at the UNESCO Headquarters for Education2030 - "Literacy and Skills Development".
(Paris, September 2018).

AHSA World is registered in
    - the State of California, USA,
as a nonprofit public benefit organization, organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of
    - the USA federal Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

AHSA World is a compliant exempt organization in
    - the Attorney General's Office, Resgistry of Charitable Trusts (RCT).

AHSA World has the philosophy of "Act locally, think globally." It has offices in Asia as well.

AHSA World is non-religious, non-political. Its original goal is to foster cross-cultural understanding, cultivate healthful habits, promote healthy lifestyle and self-esteem development through social activities.

AHSA World, since incorporation on June 1, 2010, over the years, has broadened its scope and mandates from self-worth development and confidence building to integrated approaches in skills development (AI [Artificial Intelligence] and IA [Intelligence Augmentation]), illiteracy alleviation.

AHSA World is currently working on "Poverty Alleviation and Education", toward the UNESCO Education 2030 goals, and several other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Soar To New Heights - Fulfill with 15

An event for Children with Special Needs.
(circa 2011).
Luv & Wish

An event for needy families. See
Milpitas Post Report
(circa 2012).

Creativity Seed Plan

President of AHSA World, Carmelita C., at an Open House to "recruit" new seeds/participants.
(circa 2011).

A new batch of teen-aged "seeds" who would be traveling to remote areas worldwide to help the marginalized.
(circa 2014).
UNESCO 50th World Congress

Dr. Hwa A. Lim chairing a session at UNESCO 50th World Congress.
(Photo archive: Athens, Greece, July 7, 2017)

The Brain on Dance: Music on the brain

By Dr. Hwa A. Lim, and Carmelita H. Chao,
(Release date: mid June, 2019)


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